Parents, It’s Time To Support Your Girls In …

Learning To Build Their Own Company

Growing More Confident & Engaged

Creating Their Own Goals & Plans For The Future

Introduce Your Girls To Entrepreneurship Today

Our guide is the perfect way to get your daughter pressing into her imagination and taking actionable steps to make it real. In the process of creating her first business or non-profit idea, she’s learning how recognize and communicate her value, become more accountable for her own success, and set smart goals that create real results!

My favorite part of my entrepreneurial journey with Mindset & Milestones is the fact that I was able to try something new and create something that could truly benefit others! I had no clue of the time/effort it takes nonprofit organizations to establish themselves, and I’m grateful I’m in the know of what to do from here on out with my startup.


I learned a lot about turning my ideas to reality from the small baby steps, and knowing how to deal with obstacles on my entrepreneurial journey. I also learned about being a true leader who influenced other team members to strive for success together.


At the start of this program, I had no idea how to be an entrepreneur, I merely just liked the idea of it. Now I know the steps in being one and the different components of running a business. The book, mentor sessions, and workshops all gave me great insight and valuable information that I can use in the present and future. This ambassador program gave me the first step to a long journey to come.


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Equip your girls to start their STARTUP idea from home with out workbook!
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Pick up a few more workbooks and create a STARTUP CLUB for girls in your local school or community!
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